What’s The Difference: Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, and Event Designer???

When selecting a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, and or Event Designer it is important to know the differences (there may be some similarities overlapping, but the differences are key).  Below I have listed the primary duties and responsibilities of the roles listed above, please do your due deligence when hiring any of the above to ensure you receive the services you desire.
Wedding Planner: Is a professional event planner that specializes in weddings. A wedding planner works in a consultative role to assist couples in selecting their venue along with their other wedding day vendors (catering, florist, décor, photographer, stationery, videographer, dj/band, make-up artist-hairstylist, wedding cake specialist, & Etc.). After the venue and vendor selections,  the wedding planner  brings all the pieces together for the main event and manages the wedding day to ensure the couple can enjoy their special day along with their guest.  Wedding Planners are usually hired in the initial stages of planning; however, can be hired at any stage.


Wedding Coordinator: wedding planner and wedding coordinator are not the same, most wedding planners are wedding coordinators; however, not all wedding coordinators are wedding planners. Wedding Coordinators are hired to ensure that everything that you have planned goes seamlessly, this includes vendor management (ensuring the vendors you selected during your planning process do what they were hired to do,  run the wedding rehearsal along with onsite management on your wedding day). Wedding Coordinators are usually hired in the later stages of planning and start working with couples one month prior to their special day.  Wedding coordinators are used mainly by couples who want to be hands during their planning process; however, want to enjoy their special day so they hire a wedding coordinator to implement their plans and over see the logistics of the rehearsal and the wedding day.


Event Designer: An event designer is someone who will design and implement the overall style/theme of an event. The event designer may be hands on with the installation of the décor or bring in other vendors to bring the vision for the décor to life. Some wedding planners are event designers; however, not all event designers are wedding planners.  It is important to know the services that are offered and to keep in mind the budgeted amount you have for design, decor (including florals), planning and or coordinating, so you can make the best decision based on your budget and style.

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Please ensure that you determine what you desire and hire accordingly. If you any questions related to this blog, please contact Lillian The Cardigan Coordinator at Lillian@worrellevents.com or www.worrellevents/contact-us.

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