Do You Have a Back-Up Plan???


Hello All!  I hope that you enjoy reading this blog along with my past and future blogs.  My purpose for blogging is to educate and inspire. I believe that knowledge is power; therefore; the more you “know” the more you “grow”.

Well a few weeks ago, I was having one of those days that nothing was going right.   I had a very important meeting to attend that morning, and since it was a new location, I needed directions.  The night before my cell phone malfunctioned, and it was not able to reset or be repaired prior to my 8:00am meeting.  I could have chosen to be in panic mode due to not being able to access my phone, fortunatetly I did not.  The initial thoughts that rushed through my mind were; I don’t have the address, phone number, and no GPS (thinking how will I navigate around this Atlanta traffic without my GPS).  However, I immediately calmed down and realized that I have prepared myself for such a time as this.


If this happened a few years ago, I would have went into full panic mode.  However, I was able to remain calm because I knew I had put systems in place just in case something like this would happen.  I always back up my information that is sent on my phone, and ensure that important information is received via email not text (this ensures that I can have access to the information although one of my devices my not be working……..again do not, I repeat do not do business via text).  I was able to turn on my laptop access the information and print off the directions and was on my way to one of the most productive and successful meetings of my career.   Although I did not have the convenience of getting the traffic updates through the GPS, I was still able to make my meeting without incident.

I wanted to share this with you because a lot of our stressful situations can be avoided if we plan and prepare.  You may be wondering what this has to do with Wedding and Event Planning; however, it has everything to do with planning.  If you have not properly planned or have a Professional Wedding or Event Planner in place, how will things be handled if something does not go according to plan??? You don’t want to be running around putting out fires and or handling emergencies on your Special Day.  Life is challenging enough, so those special moments and milestones in life should be celebrated stress free. Hiring a professional Wedding or Event Planner (please be sure to read my blog on how to select a Wedding Planner) is your insurance policy that you will be able to ENJOY your special day.


With Love,

Lillian of Worrell Events





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