Wedding Guest: Who To Invite???


One of the most important tasks during the wedding planning process is to create a guest list.  Most start their list by writing down everyone they have shared a life experience with since childhood.  The thought behind inviting everyone is truly endearing; however, that guest can get out of control.  I like keeping things simple, so here are some rules to follow when determining who should be on your guest list:

  • Are They Family?  Inviting immediate family members from both side, should go without saying.  Immediate family are parents, grandparents, siblings (spouses), aunts, uncles, and cousins of your generation.
  • Are They Friends?  It must be established if the person is a friend or an acquaintance, there is a difference.   Friends are the people in your life although life circumstances may have limited the amount of time that you spend together; however, would bring so much joy to have them with you on your wedding day.    I would definitely add close friends of parents on this list; however, proceed with caution, remember this is your Wedding Day and you should be able to choose who you want to share your Special Day with.
  • Are They Co-Workers?  Most say this is an easy task to handle; however, the size and dynamics of your workplace can make it a daunting task to tackle.  I know you are exciting about your wedding and want to share with your co-workers all the fabulous plans that you and your Wedding Planner are doing.  However, keep in mind when you are sharing with your co-workers, will these same co-workers receive an invitation.  You should typically invite co-workers that you spend time with outside of the work place.
  • Will This Person Add Value? There are some people in this world that are not family, close friends, or co-workers; however, have impacted your life in some way, yes they should be added to your guest list ( babysitter, teacher, old neighbor, etc)

I hope that you found value in this blog and that some of the stress has been taken away while you are starting, revising, or completing your Wedding Day Guest List.


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