Creating a Budget Versus Having an Affordable Wedding….

 I know you have seen countless blogs regarding the next steps after your engagement. Most blogs suggest that your first step should be hiring a Wedding Planner. Of course, I agree that a Wedding Planner is needed; however, I believe that your budget should be established prior to selecting your Wedding Planner. This will help you know what type of planning service is in your budget. My prices are on my website, so you don’t have to guess when putting your budget together to request planning services. 
Having a budget does not mean that your Wedding will not be lush or lavish, it’s just a guide to know how much you want to spend on different areas of your Wedding (such as food, entertainment, etc.). Establishing a budget will save time while planning, so you won’t spend time with vendors who are not within your specified budget. Your Wedding Planner can help you navigate through the selection of professional vendors; their (Wedding Planner) involvement will determine the level of service you select. Planning services range from Day of Coordinator (Wedding Day Management) to Full Service Planning. Always allow some flexibility with your budget, especially if your guests count increases or you add special features. 
  Having an Affordable Wedding is a relative term, affordable will mean different things to different people. Typically an Affordable Wedding has strict constraints on the amount that will be spent on the various areas of your Wedding and there is not a lot of flexibility. There may be a lot of DIY (Do it yourself) projects. You can still have a beautifully executed Wedding with proper planning. I suggest if your budget is super tight, you can opt for a Day of Coordinator (Wedding Day Management). You can plan everything yourself; however, the Day of Coordinator will allow you to enjoy your day stress free by managing the Ceremony & Reception, Guest, and Vendors. 
In summary having a budget does not mean you are cheap or your Wedding will not be everything that you desire it to be. Know your numbers and be upfront with what you can afford and what you desire to spend. Remember quality goods and services come with a price, budget and plan accordingly. 
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